Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm having panic attacks today. Faced with a major deadline at work this week, and I have found NO time yet this weekend to make any progress on it. Too much laundry, ds's soccer, getting the family and the house somewhat ready for the week ahead, and the need for a little down time has filled up my weekend thus far. I'm left with just a few hours left to get some work done, and we have to leave for a potluck dinner in 2 hours.

Guess I don't need to waste any more time blogging. I'd appreciate all the energy vibes you can muster up to send over the broadband! :)


  1. I'm riding this boat with you, so not sure how my energy vibes could be of help - but for what they are worth they are yours.

  2. Best to you! You'll make it. :)