Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Less than 30 minutes and the weekend is officially over. I have the Sunday night blues which happens pretty frequently. And it's not really that I dread Mondays. I just get SO frustrated at not being able to accomplish everything I want to mark off my list on the weekends. Oh well...I'm taking half a day off tomorrow. The 3rd grader is on fall break, so we're going to a pumpkin farm tomorrow afternoon while the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

Which means I really ought to drag out and spend at least an hour with some of that work I brought home Friday afternoon. I knew if I told you that, I'd do it as soon as I hit the Publish Post button. 'Cause I couldn't dare take it if I had to admit to you that I already backed out on my year of Work More Earn More.

And in case you're wondering, the first part of October was really a great jump start to this new goal. 11 business days and 107.5 hours. (I was working on some of the non-business days too.) So the next paycheck should be pretty sweet, even though I'm realistic to know that it won't stretch as far as I'd like it to.

Okay....I'm getting off blogger and moving on to the stuff I can get paid for. Hope everyone has a productive, prosperous, and low-expense week!

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