Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chase Card #2 - Two Years Later

First one up to bat....Chase Card #2.

Which started out back in August 2009 at $3,620.62. This was my highest rate card, so it was at the top of the radar. I ended up transferring the balance to the HELOC, but I continued to keep up with the amounts separately. Then I had to borrow another $2,000 in 2010 to pay for some LARGE expenses that summer.

Finally just last month, I took money out of a savings account and paid this balance off! Don't get too excited though. I had the money saved for an upcoming expense on the rental property (big assessment from the homeowners' association). So I just used the savings, paid off this balance, and I'm re-borrowing on the HELOC as the payments for assessment are due. It will come close to being a complete wash. It just simplifies my life and my thinking to knock this one out.

So here's the pretty ticker!


  1. I just paid off Chase, also! Just now I paid the last bit of interest on it from the statement generated yesterday: $10.68. It's good to be Chase-free now.

  2. Congrats to you for your Chase-free status!!!

    I still have one balance at Chase that will probably be around for a long time... I'm just glad to have this one gone. And now I'm back to using this card only on a pay-it-off-every-month basis.