Sunday, October 9, 2011

Final 2 Year Updates

I'm combining these last three into one post ....because life is crazy busy and while I have a minute to type this out I might as well do 'em all!

This one is probably on schedule to be paid off first. It has a 6.15% interest rate and the starting balance was $3,575.78. Two years later, it has dropped to $2,060.51!

Definitely my highest credit card balance. It has a 6.99% which is fixed since I opted out of a change in terms. This one started at $6,698.00. Two years later, it's down to $4,300.80!

Money Market Loan
This is a crazy loan. I borrowed from my savings to replace a heat/air unit in our old house. And for a couple of years I never paid myself back ANYTHING! I'm still not paying much, just snowflaking little amounts when I find them. But at least I'm not ignoring it any longer. Two years ago I owed myself $4,711.50. Now that amount has been reduced to $4,534.39. Not significant progress....but I'm just happy I've put it back on the radar screen!

So there you have it! Total progress since the beginning of this blog.....$69,010.56! Now before you get all excited, remember that $45,739.46 was because of the inheritance my husband received from his mom. It still bothers me that we owe so much money, but it's wonderful to see that the numbers are moving the right way!


  1. thats a lot paid off, even without the inheritance so thats really good! I know what you mean about feeling sick thinking about how much money is owed.. I am like that too

  2. That's some pretty good repayment. Keep up the good work!