Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My New Daily Mantra

Several years ago during one of my crazy busy "seasons" of life, someone told me that when you don't have time at home to deal with much else (usually this is because of work), to focus on "Dinner, Dishes, & Duds." I quickly adopted this little saying to make sure that in spite of what else is going on, we always eat, have a clean kitchen, and clean clothes to wear.

In light of trying to form a new habit by the end of the year, I've modified it. Now it's:

Dinner, Dishes, Duds, and DESK!


  1. Oh, um... gee... That's all I do, all the time. LOL. I mean, was I supposed to be doing anything else? There's food around here, the dishes are always done, the clothes are always clean (not put away), and that's about it!

    My desk is cleaned on a can't-stand-it-anymore basis.

  2. I was thinking 'milk duds'.... ;)