Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kroger Credit Card

Other than the HELOC, this one is currently the one I'm most driven to see a zero balance on. Is it because it has the lowest balance? Is it because I'm ticked they raised my interest rate from 7.49% to 11.24%? I don't know, but I'm the most mad at this one and have the crosshairs of my scope set on it.

I still use this card at least twice a week, but I am now transferring the amount that has been charged every two or three days. In fact, last week I think I had a payment posted to this card every day during the week! The good thing about this strategy is that if I can get the balance low enough where I am paying (using my current spending) throughout the month the amount of the last statement balance or more, I won't incur ANY interest charges. It's still a little too high for me to do that since I use this card only for groceries and gasoline at Kroger. I do earn some rewards on groceries and a 15 cent off per gallon on each fill up of gasoline. Hopefully, next month I won't have to pay interest on this card.

The current balance is $958.23.

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