Thursday, February 18, 2010

Middle of the Night Rambling

This single-parenting stuff is exhausting! I can't imagine having more than 2 kids and trying to get everything done. I laid down with the kids tonight and probably fell asleep before they did! Then I woke up at 12:30 (thinking it was already morning) panicked that I had only gotten the kitchen halfway clean, lunches were not packed, and the trash bin hadn't been rolled out to the street! Now at 2A, I've been paying bills online and I'm wide awake.

So I thought I'd indulge myself and post a couple of updates. I love seeing if those little tickers will move ever so slightly.

I earned a $100 cash back reward on one of my credit cards last month. Following my crazy ADD tendencies, I decided to send $20 to 5 different loans. I have always had a hard time focusing on one goal. I feel like the other goals are being neglected, so when circumstances allow I'll hit as many of them as I can. Maybe it's not ADD, maybe it's from multi-tasking for so many years. That's what women do best, right? LOL

Anyway, the Kroger credit card balance got an extra $20 thrown at it this month bringing the balance down to $630.93.

And the HELOC got it's first monthly amortized payment plus an extra $20. Total applied to principal was $293.37 and the new balance is $72,773.56.

Now I feel better! I'm not sure if the little icons moved or not, but progress is progress. And for some reason it's more real if I can see the numbers here...which is why I started this blog.

Thanks for your prayers. We're surprisingly okay. I'm taking it one day at a time knowing that I am powerless over the addiction and the addicted. And that I must do what I can to care for myself and my children and leave the rest in God's hands.


  1. This is personal finance and if dividing up a $100 reward in to 5 parts works for you, then it is right.

    I remember my single mom days as a blur and exhaustion. It is amazing how having a partner can make your life so much easier. Especially if that partner loves you.

  2. They are moving, for sure!!! Slowly but surely.

    I don't know how single parents do it, I can barely keep myself straight!!!