Friday, February 5, 2010


Looks like ING has lowered its rate on regular savings accounts again. Down to 1.2%

It's still better than anything I could get locally and tons better than my Vanguard Money Market Fund is paying, but that's still a decrease! Wish in turn all my creditors would lower the rates they're charging me.

I really do feel sorry for those folks out there on fixed incomes depending on their bank interest to help them get by.


  1. I second your entire post. The tide is going to change though. Inflation is coming. Rates are going to go up and those in debt are going to be hit hard. While the savers will begin to see increases. I just hope everyone is focusing on debt repayment for now.

  2. Thank goodness for fixed rate mortgages. No interest rate hikes for me! And your chart threw me off a bit, with your mortgage repayment showing principal only. How do you calculate your networth without including the entire mortgage and heloc loan amount. Those count against your networth as no?

  3. Sorry for the confusion Toast. The chart is only meant to track monthly increases to net worth from my current cash flow. As principal is paid on the mortgage or the HELOC, net worth should increase accordingly. Hope that is more clear.