Sunday, February 20, 2011

Being a single mom

My husband had another terribly bad drinking binge. As advanced as his alcoholism is, these binges are terribly dangerous for his physical health. After 10 days in the hospital getting over the DT's, the hallucinations, he is once again admitting his powerlessness. He is not living at home. I can't keep putting our kids through the chaos. I've had to make lots of schedule changes and arrange additional child care. But we're getting by one day at a time.


  1. I'm really proud of you for having him not at home. I know it is hard for both you and the kids, but it is so much better for them to not be subjected to that. They don't need to see their father that way and the entire family doesn't need to be put out because of the one person's addiction. I know it is hard. If I could send you strength I would!

  2. You just did sweetie! Thank you!

  3. I remember those days. So many years have passed for me, that it seems like someone elses life now. I became a firm believer from that experience that "what ever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". I feel more capable of handling things then I did way back then.

    My story ended or should I say began, when I had to choose between helping him and protecting my children. Of course, the ex was useless and pretty much still is. Never received any child support and he never comes around. I was buried in so much consumer debt from that marriage, with nothing to show for it. I worked my way out and life is so stinkin' good, without him. He said I couldn't do it, I believed I couldn't do it, but in the end - I DID IT!

    I pray for you and your kids. The prayer rests on you all having happiness and peace. In which ever path it takes you.