Friday, March 11, 2011

Not much to say

Well, I probably have alot to say...I just have trouble finding time to put my thoughts into the written word. We are hanging on right now. My husband is living at a sober house, going to lots of AA meetings and spending lots of time helping his very sick brother. He visits me and the kids, but isn't staying here. I am proud of his progress, but there are still many issues to be resolved.

Life is crazy. Tax season is in full swing, dance competition season has started for my daughter, and my 5 yr. old has his first spring soccer game tomorrow!

I did open a new Roth IRA account at Sharebuilder! I've only transferred $400 to it so far, but I'm very excited about opening this account. Mutual funds are okay, but I'm excited about having part of my Roth in individual dividend-paying stocks and not worrying about what cut the mutual fund managers are taking out of my returns. Sharebuilder also reinvests all your dividends, and there are no fees for IRA's!

I also updated ALL the tickers at the bottom of this blog. Hopefully, I can keep them updated even if I don't have time to write a blogpost.

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