Sunday, July 3, 2011

I forgot to update you on more Good News!

Due to a change in their living situation, I agreed to let my old tenants out of their lease six months early. Two gets married...other one moves out....condo is much bigger and more expensive than a pair of newlyweds needs. They wanted to move to smaller and cheaper housing and who am I to stand in the way of anyone trying to better their financial situation.

The awesome thing was that ONE ad on Craigslist yielded 3 showings and 1 approved application. I did the exit walk-through and got the keys from the old tenant on a Monday evening. We had carpet cleaners there on Tuesday morning. My husband detail cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, baseboards while the carpet cleaners were there. And Tuesday evening I met the new tenant and handed her the keys! Not even 24 hours vacant....I didn't have to take over any utilities....and I didn't miss a single day of rent income!

That's pretty awesome considering it took us forever to find our first tenants back in 2009....

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  1. That's some pretty quick turnover! Best wishes for a great landlord/tenant relationship (translation: May they break nothing and pay up on time!) :o)