Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life is a mix of Bad and Good

We're just keeping on keeping on....crossing our fingers the summer expenses aren't going to kill us again this year. I've been scared to update the reports, the budget, the checkbook.

Bad news: No raises this year. UGH! Even a 1-2% raise helps keep up with the rising cost of gas, groceries, and health insurance.... Now I know how the Social Security recipients have been feeling the past couple of years.

More Bad news: DH is not working right now. We both agreed it was not a long-term situation....I try to mind my own business though on his timing of making his exit.

Good news: The little one starts kindergarten in just 7 weeks! Although I'll still be paying for after-school care for him, it will be ALOT less than the monthly check to preschool I've been writing for what seems like forever!! PLEASE PLEASE let that stretch further than just the cost-of-living increases!

More good news: I cashed out more Swagbucks this morning for a $5 Amazon gift card. And I'll probably be cashing out $10 or so from M-Turk in the next few days. Good thing the little things keep me happy.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Fourth!!!!!

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