Monday, March 8, 2010

Sharing a Funny

In the past couple of months, I've let my eight-year old know that she has an account set aside for college. We've never been able to fully fund her Education Savings Account, but we have contributed some money to it every year since her birth (as well as to an account for her little brother). This past Christmas, she caught onto the fact that her grandfather was giving her money for Christmas but she wasn't allowed to have it since it was going to be saved for college. That's when I explained the account to her, gave her a micro-introduction to mutual funds, and showed her the account statement for her fund.

Yesterday she told me that one of her classmates was moving to Boston next month. They've been classmates for both first grade and so far through their second grade year. I found out that Charlie's dad got a new job, but that Charlie hadn't been to visit Boston yet. Then she said she told Charlie that her college money was in Boston. Since that's not a fact I would recall, I thought it was funny what she remembered from our discussion and her "review" of the account statement.


  1. That is so funny :) and great that you are teaching your daughter so young. She will grow up a strong women I can see it now.

  2. Wow, kids really give us an eye-opener with their observations and priorities. I think she is very sharp for wanting to know exactly where the money is. I see a bright future for her!

  3. I love this! My kids forever thought I was an evil mom. Hoarding their cash in some obscure place. Now that cars, expenses, college and life are hitting them, they see it different and I have even got some thank-yous. Ahhhhh good days!