Saturday, March 6, 2010

Treading Water in February

I'm showing the piddliest (is that a word??) progress on the net worth funding goal. I had to pull funds out of the rental emergency fund to pay the real estate taxes, so I guess I should feel lucky that it ended up with even $2.66 to the positive.

Actually, if I want to make myself feel a little better, I'll remind myself that the employer contribution was deposited into my otherwise inactive 401K account. I quit making contributions into the 401K over a year ago, but my employer contributes 3% of my salary (a safe harbor contribution made whether the employee contributes or not). So that was a little boost to my net worth, although it doesn't meet the definition of counting towards my personal goal since it is not money I can access at the present time.


  1. Progress is progress. Sad to think I am promoting happiness with any positive move. It oculd be worse though....we need to tell ourselves this, because it could have been a negative number.

  2. And remember that February was a short month. So any lack of progress can be divided into a shorter number of days, for a smaller less-progress-per-day figure. :oD You know what I mean, right? Just keep your chin up - another month has already started and I know March will be better.