Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 2011 Bucket List

I'm listing ALOT here....most of which is not finance related, but life isn't all about finance. And I could have unlimited wealth and still not be satisfied. At least that's what I've been told. LOL

Personal Goals:

Health - Exercise 3 times a week whether it's walking the neighborhood, riding bikes with the kids, or playing Just Dance on the Wii. Make appointments for overdue health exams. Be conscious of finding healthy alternatives when I'm looking for something to stuff in my body.

Time Management - The most recent time-sucker has been playing games on Facebook, so as of yesterday I am only allowing myself online gaming time between 11PM and 6:30AM. If I happen to sleep through the entire time slot, so be it. More likely, I'll be up at 5:30AM like I was today. I just need to know when to make myself stop!!

Family Goals:

Marriage - Continue to work on rebuilding our marriage. We had a pretty rough 2010 (and 2009 for that matter). My husband is working his program one day at a time. I just need to keep working on letting go of resentments and fears.

Children - Be intentional with spending time together. Savor these last few months with my preschooler. He'll be starting kindergarten in just a few short months, and this is precious time never to be regained. My daughter will be turning 9 in just a few days, and it's hard to believe that her time at home before college is almost HALFWAY GONE!!! Make sure I say "yes" more than "no" to building Legos and baking cookies and the endless list of requests.

Professional Goals:

Use our current office remodeling project as incentive to declutter and organize my workspace better. Approach our shift to a paperless environment with a positive attitude instead of the fear that grips my chest. Become more of an expert in IRAs. I'm kind of the go-to gal for pension and IRA questions in our firm, but there is so much more I could learn instead of just knowing where to look it up.

Spiritual Goals:

Continue my journey in Al-Anon. Continue building relationships with others who attend our place of worship. Bite the bullet and take my kids to church even when I'm too worn out, 'cause I always get something out of it. Pray more often.


Over the course of the year, go through every nook and cranny of this entire house including all three attic areas decluttering, deep cleaning and re-organizing. I've already mapped out a schedule and January is the month to tackle the office/craft room which could also be called the dungeon! Work on organizing photos and scrapbook at least 25 pages during the year.


Start over with my goal to fund the Net Worth by $15,000 during the year.

A longtime friend shared this verse on Facebook yesterday. So fitting for the New Year!

Thus says the Lord...."Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth." Isaiah 43: 16, 18-19

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  1. We have similar goals: exercising, time mgmt, the kids, and of course finances.

    My biggest time suck is not game playing but just the internet in general.

    Good luck with your goals.