Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey Twenty Eleven! Bring it on!

Happy New Year bloggy friends! I've always loved the change of the calendar...whether it's the beginning of a new week, a new month or especially a new year. Hope rings eternal that things can be better even when they're not so bad as they are. I don't think there's anything wrong with striving to excel, goals to be more than you are today. If you've already reached perfection (which we know is impossible), then your name must be Lord. But I think He wants us to use our talents and our gifts to continually improve our lives and the lives of those around us!

I still haven't written down my 2011 Goals. I'm hoping to find some quiet time today to sit down with this article and put my goals in writing.

I did however check on some accounts this morning and was surprised to find that my 401K has reached pre-market meltdown (in late 2008) levels! I'm still nervous about the market. I think there are still too many time bombs waiting on the horizon, but I don't think pulling out and sitting on the sidelines is the answer either. We just have to ride the storms...and hope the country gets back on a better track of creating jobs and reducing the debt. I'm happy that my 401K and IRAs have crossed the $200K mark ($210,000 actually), but I also know that is not nearly enough for a 48 year old with the debt load I'm carrying.

I hope you're feeling as optimistic about the New Year as I am today! 2010 brought many challenges. I'm hoping that I learned alot and gained some wisdom so that I can more effectively deal with whatever 2011 throws my way! I wish all of you good health and peace in the New Year!

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