Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling too Lazy to Save a Few Pennies

Yes...I know the cost of first class mail goes up to $0.45 tomorrow.

Yes...I also have a package I need to mail to my parents.

Why am I having so much trouble convincing myself to get to the post office this morning to stock up on Forever stamps???

I don't use nearly as much postage as I used to.  I guess we're all contributing to the demise of the Postal Service with online bill pay.  But I still could save a few pennies if I would just go buy some stamps today!!!


  1. And how much gasoline would you burn driving to buy the stamps?

    I think we use about 3 stamps per month. I'm not going to get worked up over the 3 cents. In fact, the postage increase totally escaped me. Thanks for keeping me informed! Just checked the half-dozen stamps on my desk, and they are Forever stamps.

  2. Well...I went. I needed to mail that box to my mom & dad anyway. Saving 80 cents on 80 stamps was just extra incentive to make it urgent instead of low-priority. At least I'm set on postage for the year including Christmas cards!!!

  3. But won't you still have to put the new amount of postage on the envelope, so it will still cost the new price? Here they would require whatever the current rate of postage is, or they bill the sender or the reciever.

  4. @Louise - several years ago our postal service began selling "Forever Stamps". You buy them at the current rate for first class mail, then they are good FOREVER! Even if the cost of first class mail doubled, you can always use the Forever Stamps.