Sunday, January 15, 2012

Final Update - 2011 Net Worth Funding Goals

Finally got this spreadsheet updated for everything!!  This is just my spreadsheet for items I consider to be long-term net worth. It does not includes money set aside for future expenses (like house repairs) or money I had to spend out of those expense accounts (like that $2,100 transmission that came out of the car fund).  It also does not include changes in market values of stocks or real estate that I have no control over.  This is just a snapshot of money I chose to contribute to "long-term wealth."

As you can see from the two negative totals (Rental E-fund withdrawals and the HELOC), this sure would have been alot prettier without that $5,300 assessment from the rental property's HOA!  But it is what it is, and we can only hope for more positive progress in 2012.

Now I need to get ready for dd10's party!  There's no school tomorrow, so she's having 5 girls sleep over tonight.  Maybe I should just load up on caffeine, and wait to clean after they leave???  

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