Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've been on hyper-focus about these debts for two months now. The first month, I kept up with it on a homemade spreadsheet. The second month, I started this blog. Even though there may only be two or three readers out there, I've found that the accountability of the blog is making me search harder for snowflakes and pay in those snowflakes immediately so that I can have "tangible" progress. For example, this past month I got a small reimbursement out of my Flexible Spending Account for some medical expenses. Hyper-focusing on the debt helped me direct part of that reimbursement to my credit card balances. If I had been in a less than intense mode, I might have just spent that money on the "need of the day".

Proof in the pudding? The first month, I paid $166 towards the credit cards. Last month, I paid $399. That's quite a difference! And with our tight budget it would not have been possible without finding some extra dollars to throw toward the debt. Thanks for your comments because they help to keep me accountable, to search for those extra dollars and actually use them to pay off some debt!

Now if I could just keep my daughter's school and extra-curricular activities from asking for money every other day....

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  1. Wow $233 extra dollars is amazing to "find". I wish I could find some extra cash, but every time I do, Murphy seems to find some where for it to go before I do.