Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick post - Cross your fingers for us!

I'm running crazy today. Each kid has a party and we're soon heading out for trunk or treat. I'm very behind in email and blog reading.

But, while I was at the dance team party I got a call from our realtor for MIL's home. We have an offer for our full listing price! The buyer is only asking for $4K towards closing costs and a home warranty which we already purchased when we put it on the market. He is pre-approved for his mortgage and can close in three weeks!!!

Of course, we still need to get through an inspection, appraisal and to the closing table. But this is awesome awesome news!!!!


  1. So how much in closing fees is the buyer asking for if you already purchased the warranty? Congratulations - wish I had a buyer.

  2. He wants 4K towards closing costs PLUS the home warranty which I think was about $480. But it's already paid for itself. We had to get electrical work done and it was covered by the home warranty. And we've been told it will replace the non-heating microwave too!

    We already had a contract (contingent on sale of buyer's home) for 4K less than the listing price, but if she had been able to sell her home she would have paid all closing costs. Technically, she has 48 hours to remove her contingency. I don't think that will happen and the new contract will go through. It wasn't that much difference either way. I just want it gone so I can proceed with getting her estate wrapped up.