Monday, October 5, 2009

Goodies in my Mailbox

It's a good thing there were a few goodies in my mailbox. Otherwise, I might be starting to panic about the so far unseen rent check from our tenants. Hopefully, that rent check shows up tomorrow or Wednesday!

But in the mailbox was a birthday card sent to my 4yo from his great-aunt and great-uncle. I opened the envelope and was able to hide the enclosed $25 ToysRUs gift card before I showed him the card. He certainly doesn't need any more toys anytime soon, so I'll be saving that gift card for a little cushion for his Christmas budget! SCORE!

I also received 3 (YES...THREE!!!) checks for online surveys. I've been snowflaking all the survey income to the HELOC, but I'm thinking I might use these to start whittling away at Chase Card #2. It carries the highest interest rate of all my debt, and I'm feeling strong urges to see some progress on the balance no matter how small. The 3 checks I received total a whopping $37.65, but hey, that's over 1% of the balance on that card.


  1. Nice work on the online surveys! I've only seen one check so far, but it came super fast - just two days after I cashed out.

  2. I can't agree with your actions re: the gift card. Your child's relatives sent him the money with the expectation they would be credited in his mind for the gift. Instead, you have taken the card to use for your own purposes, and he will not associate them with the toys it brings. Without mincing words, that is theft.

    Even if you plan to wrap the toys you buy with the gift card using their name at Christmas, you are still misdirecting the intent of their gift - they wanted him to have toys for his birthday, from them.