Monday, July 5, 2010

Bank Visa - June '10 update

I'm slowly getting through the mail that accumulated while we were gone. So sad that I have not been able to send any more than the minimum payment on these credit cards. The good news is that I'm not charging on them, so the balance WILL go down....slowly....eventually.

$57.39 paid. New balance = $2,840.59


  1. And still you are making good progress! Are you paying the intial minimum at the $3500 or are you paying the adjusted minimum at the $2900?

  2. Yes progress is progress! I am reducing my payment to the new minimum as the balance goes down, because of all our extra expenses and my new goal of funding the Roth IRA. This card carries a fairly high minimum payment (2.5% of the balance), but only has a 6.15% interest rate so a good portion of the payment goes to principal each month.