Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final June '10 updates

Posting this partly because we're already halfway through July! And partly to remind myself that everything is not doom and gloom around here. Progress is certainly not as fast as I would like, and I'm not sure July is going to show much progress at all....but I need to remind myself where I've been and that financial progress is not a microwave, but a slow cooker.

Chase Card #1:
$75.46 paid. New balance = $5,422.21

Money Market Loan:
$5.29 paid. New balance = $4,597.79

Net Worth Funding Goal: (click to enlarge detail)

Items to note:
  • Halfway through the year, but not quite halfway to meet the $15K goal. Really going to have to step it up to reach $15K.
  • Dividends paid during June were down (as compared to March) mainly because of BP. GRRR!
  • Nothing has been added to the rental emergency fund for a couple of months. We've been making some small, but necessary repairs to that property. Hopefully, that will change in July and more will be added to that separate emergency fund. My goal is to have the tenant deposit plus 6 months of expenses in that account (mortgage payments, association dues, and property taxes). I'm very close....but need another $550 in that account . I should at least be adding in at least 1/12 of the annual tax amount.

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  1. everything happens with time... I have heard that once you get down a bit & start being able to 'double' up a total monthly on payments - it flies!!! I can't wait to get to that myself ;)