Thursday, May 27, 2010

HELOC May '10 Update & Weekend Plans

The best thing about this loan is that rent from the tenants is totally covering the payment (plus more)!

$276.68 paid. New balance = $71,932.61

I am trying to pull myself out of the funk I've been in this month, and I know that keeping busy and seeing results will do for my psyche than anything. We have commitments through Saturday for my daughter's dance recital and for my god daughter's high school graduation, but Sunday and Monday??? I'll be finding the wood that I know is under my desk somewhere. The papers have piled up, the checkbooks need balancing, and the shredder needs a workout. If I can gain control of this desk by Monday, I know I can start June off on a much better note!

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  1. So true! My desk is hidden too much of the time. I am so much more productive with a clean work space. Plus, it makes me feel fabulous! Clean house is much the same.