Monday, May 10, 2010

We must always look for the good

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I would be remiss if I left you thinking that all is despair and agony here. There are SO many wonderful stories out there, I'm sure I won't be able to remember them in the 15 minutes I have before I round up kids and herd them off to bed.

The volunteer effort here has been enormous. Even before the news graced the major media, neighbors were helping neighbors. People were rescuing horses from rising floodwaters. If you owned a boat, you more than likely were out rescuing people from their homes.

Last Monday morning, the day after the rains moved on, people started returning home (if they could). And what was amazing was the outpouring of support and help from family, friends, church groups and even strangers. At one of the large condominium complexes hit especially hard by the flood, the volunteer turnout was so large on Saturday, no one could find a parking spot!

Hands on Nashville, which is coordinating many service projects all across town, reported today that through their organization alone, 39,000 volunteer hours were logged from 5/2 through 5/9! That is just astounding!

We've already had telethons and performances solely to raise money for flood relief, with more being planned.

FEMA arrived last Monday, and declared they had never been to a place where so much of the disaster cleanup was already underway before they arrived. That speaks volumes to me!

This flood may have washed away alot, but it sure didn't take with it the love we have for our city and the people in it. I couldn't be prouder to live in The Volunteer State right now.

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