Saturday, May 1, 2010

More April '10 Updates

April is always a busy month. I'm not working the double shift hours like I did the first two weeks of the month, but things are still busy at the office. Even today I'm up at the crack of dawn to get a couple of hours of weekend work knocked out so I can really be "here" at home once the rest of the family wakes up!

While I wait for the coffee to finish brewing, here are the last of the loan updates for April.

Money Market Loan:

$4.02 paid - $4,616.25 remaining. WooHoo! I'm hoping next month I'll cross over that $100 paid threshold.

Bank Visa:

$93.61 paid. New balance =$2,957.03 Another WooHoo! This one has now gone under the $3K mark never to return again!!!

Chase Card #1:

$158.32 paid. New balance = $5,577.76. And this is the biggest WOOHOO! With this update the total of all the credit card debt is now $12,816.01. It started at $15,981.86 so credit card debt is down over $3,000!!! YIPPEE!!!

Now to get that pesky work finished before the rugrats start circling. Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. That's some pretty good progress! I love passing those "milestones" and seeing the lower number in the thousands column.

  2. Fantastic! The best thing is that the more they drop, the faster they drop! Congratulations on your progress!