Friday, April 22, 2011

Clarity on the Annual Financial Goals

When I wrote this post, I was a little vague about my financial goals for the year. Nothing like going through another tax season, where numbers are on the brain 24/7. Looking at hundreds of other tax returns always helps me clarify my own finances, and the progress I'd like to make.

So yes...even though I still want to fund the Net Worth by $15,000, here are the specific goals in order of priority:

  1. Pay for current expenses without borrowing any more money during 2011.
  2. Reduce total debt by $10,000. The balance on 1/1/11 was $337,452.59.
  3. Fully fund $5,000 into my Roth IRA before 4/15/12.
  4. Save as much as possible for anticipated orthodontist expenses in 2012. DD turns 10 next January, which is when our family dentist will be sending her for braces. Unfortunately, I had two thumbsuckers, so braces are definitely in the future for both kids.

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