Saturday, December 26, 2009

Operation Restore Order & Kroger Credit Card update -Dec. '09

Once all the sleepyheads get up and mom has enough coffee in her bloodstream, Operation Restore Order (ORO) will commence. Meanwhile, part of ORO is running the final tallies on the Christmas budget. My prediction is that we spent every dime of our $1,260 budget. In spite of spending less on gifts, we overspent on the extras....postage for shipping, wrapping, and blowing our food budget for the time savings of take-out and pizza delivery. I don't think we'll see an increase in our credit card balances, but the jury is still out. I really want to get the final numbers crunched ASAP.

I did realize that I neglected to post the last update on the Kroger credit card. This is the one I'm continuing to use to pay for our groceries and gas. I'm still paying off the charges within a day or two of purchase so that by the end of the billing cycle, I've charged and paid at least the balance shown on the last statement. By doing this, I've avoided being charged any interest on the balance for a few months now. I was able to add $14.17 to our payments to bring the new balance down to $663.93.

Activity on the last statement:

Previous Balance $678.10
Payments/Credits -$1,117.88
Transactions $1,103.71
New Balance $663.93

Slowly, but surely, this balance is going down. And slow is just fine with me as long as I'm avoiding interest charges!

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