Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Milestone with the Chase Card Dec. '09 Updates!

Chase Card #1 - $123.00 paid. Remaining balance = $6,057.00

Chase Card #2 - I was able to use the first 4 Snowflakes to reduce this balance $135.93 during December. Remaining balance = $3,342.27

But the best part of this update is that it brings total debt reduction since starting the blog past the $50K mark!! Granted, $45,739.46 was from my Mother-in-law's estate. I'm just so glad we didn't squander it away, but significantly reduced the debt load and my stress levels.


  1. I am so green with jealousy!!!!! I can not even imagine how much peace would come from $50k of debt gone.

  2. I love your charts! And the declining balances are nice too. Happy new year.