Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Forecast calls for Snowflakes!

Snowflakes in the PF world are those little bits of extra money you receive, then, purposely and deliberately, apply toward your debt. It's easy to fritter these away if you don't give them a name and a new home as soon as they are received. Here's an excellent primer if this is a new term to you.

Dave Ramsey also has a theory that when you start paying attention to your finances, you will be blessed with more to work with. I'm sure it has to do with the New Testament parable of the talents. Let's just say whether it's due to Biblical philosophy or whether I've just had a string of good luck, I'm expecting a BLIZZARD!! Either way, I'm genuinely thankful to God.

I've tried to make notes on my list of follow-up items a la David Allen's Getting Things Done, but I'm posting them here so you can see just what this forecast looks like. Some of it will probably not arrive for 45-60 days, so you have to keep me accountable to actually snowflake these to my debt and not let them melt away without making any real impact.

1. Door prize from a vendor at a professional conference I attended a couple of weeks ago - $50 American Express gift card -Received today 12/1/09.

2. Requested check on 11/30/09 from Opinion Outpost - $6.10

3. Rebate for using Paypal on a purchase from Best Buy in mid November - $20.00 into my Paypal account

4. Rewards earned on Chase Card #2 (need to redeem) - $59.51

5. Bonus from ING Direct for opening Electric Orange checking account on Black Friday - $121.00

6. Reward for converting HELOC into a fixed rate loan - $500.00 VISA gift card

If you've been adding in your head, this is $756.61 !!!

If I use my blizzard wisely, I can reduce the credit card debt by over 5%! I am SOOOO excited. Gotta run and dig out the snowboots and long johns!



    That's a lot!!!


  2. Wowwwwweeee! Congratulations! That is fantastic! Merry Christmas for you and your household.