Monday, December 14, 2009

What I Want for My Birthday! is my birthday which would/could be easily forgotten, except for my kids. THEY are the ones that make a big deal out of it! And so I relish it. Actually, it is better than the alternative of NOT having a birthday!

But, it does get a middle-age mom to thinking especially when the years seem to fly by faster and faster. It makes you realize just how few years are left to get debts paid off and build up that retirement savings. Since I have such small children, you might be surprised to learn that this is #47 for me. Yes, I was a late bloomer in the becoming-a-mom department having my first at age 39 and the other at 42.

Anyway, I've decided that for the next BIG one (50), I'd really like to have those credit cards balances demolished. This seems so daunting. I really don't have the current cash flow to do it in three years. In my job, I could work massive amounts of overtime. However, my maternal instincts tell me that's not the best idea. I didn't have kids for them to have a mom who works all the time! But maybe I don't pay extra on the rental mortgage and send that extra $200 a month to the credit cards. Or maybe we sell the rental unit and pay the credit cards off with that equity. Or I might just hold out hope for massive amounts of extra snowflakes.

So I'm putting this out there. I might or might not make the goal. But wouldn't it be a wonderful birthday gift to start off my 50's with no debt except the mortgages! I've heard you have a better chance of reaching a goal if you put it in writing, so here it is! Check back in 3 years...and we'll see where it stands.

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  1. I'm SO GLAD that you waited till 39 and 42 to have kids. It gives me hope as a 29 year old that I haven't missed the boat like my family is insisting I will if I don't start popping them out soon. ;)

    I TOTALLY vote on not paying extra on the mortgage until you don't have any other debt. My guess is that your "other debt" is at a higher interest rate than your mortgage?

    Happy Birthday!!!

    And if you have a college degree, you might consider working at an online tutoring site like - so you can work during the day/evening while the kids are there (perhaps napping?). It doesn't pay a lot (I get $10/hr) and you can't work more than 30 hours per week (I've never done more than 12), but it is nice to be home and working in my pajamas! ;)