Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Primary Mortgage Update - Dec. '09

Not much time to post these days, but I can let you know that another $344.77 has been shaved off this loan. New balance is $253,613.51.


  1. The good news is this mortgage will be under the $250k mark by this time next year, using simple math of this months principal x 12 months.

    I love your little tickers too!

  2. Congratulations on the debt-shaving. I bet it feels good to go into the new year that much "lighter."

    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I wouldn't know from your page that you follow the market. What's your interest in it? Does it make or break you every day, like it does me? (I hope not) Or are you just an avid spectator?

  3. wow! $250k will feel like a huge milestone! Thanks to The Borrower for pointing that out. :)

    And yes, 444, I do follow the market passively. I don't trade much, but I have enough invested in 401K and IRAs that I feel like I should have a general idea of where its headed. When I saw the value drop 44% from 12/31/2007 to 3/9/2009, it totally changed my attitude about my retirement account. I had the asset allocation model of a 25 year old instead of a 47 year old and I've been using market highs to reallocate my positions into a less risky portfolio.