Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bank Visa Update - Jan. '10

A little more progress on this one. $83.29 applied to the principal. New balance = $3,224.45

Having to keep this post short and sweet. It's been a terribly busy week, and the weekend isn't looking much better. Today we have to buy/make more of dd's dance costume, buy a gift for a party she's going to this afternoon, go to dance practice, birthday party for her friend, get groceries, buy supplies to make class valentine cards, and pay for a babysitter so dh and I can go to a party tonight. Not much time at home = the probability of spending more money than I'd like to today.

Hope YOU have a relaxing weekend 'cause my prospects are not looking so good.

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  1. Debts are moving down and life is going on. Could it get any better? :-)