Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kroger Credit Card Update - Jan '10

Paid all the current charges this month plus I snuck in an extra $13 on one of the payments to nudge this balance down just a smidgen. I got away with another month of no interest on this balance. Plus the rewards statement for this card shows they redeemed 5000 points for their next mailing of vouchers I can use in the store. That means $50 of free groceries are coming my way!

Activity on the last statement:

Previous Balance $663.93
Payments/Credits -$709.66
Transactions $696.66
New Balance $650.93


  1. I was wondering how this was working. Basically you are paying your account off monthly and trying to reverse to a cash pay...right? $50 to spend on groceries is amazing. I wish we had a Kroger near by. How do you earn the points? Is is 1% of every dollar purchased or....?

  2. Awesome.... you don't want to pay interest on groceries. Similarly, we just PAID OFF our Sam's Club (which we use almost exclusively for groceries.) So we'll be paying it off each month like you've been doing.

    Nice reward there. Think of all the pantry staples you can buy with $50 and theoretically enjoy them for 6 months or a year!