Sunday, January 3, 2010

Magical Way to start the New Year!

By the time you read this, our family will be embarking on our very first ever (for any of us) magical vacation to Disney World!! We decided in November when we received the proceeds from the sale of my mother-in-law's home to allocate part of it for a fun trip for our family. We always spend our vacations (if we even take them) visiting my parents who live 800 miles away. Saving up enough to have a really nice Disney vacation is not in our current cash flow and probably won't be for years. But with the kids growing up so quickly, we made the decision to take the blessing and go with it! We have already paid for plane fares, lodging, park tickets and meals. We have set aside enough spending money that nothing will be added to the debt load. The only worry I have is taking a week off work. I have a couple of weeks before I make a final decision, but I'm leaning toward taking the week off without pay. I hate to use up a week of vacation time so early in the year....I always try to save my vacation time just in case I have to miss lots of days with sick kids, school inservice days, etc. It will make for a very lean January if I decide not to get paid...but it's a good time to be lean. I think we're all on spending overdose from the holidays, and there really is not much extra we NEED at this point.

I have a couple of posts scheduled to post during the week, and I'll be back before you know it!

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