Saturday, January 16, 2010

The temps are warmer

but the snow keeps falling!

Yesterday was Day 50 of my new ING Electric Orange Checking being open, and just like clockwork $121 was deposited into my account!

See the $105 deposit on hold? That's my monthly addition to the account for Christmas 2010.

Before I had a chance to overthink this (especially the part about how I'd like to have an extra $121 to spend on some things for the house like new pillows or new towels or things for me like new boots or a manicure), I went on and initiated a $121 payment to the Chase Card #2.

Even though the savings rates are lower than I ever remember, I love love love my ING accounts. I've had a savings account with them since 2004! If you ever thought you'd like to open an ING savings account, and need a referral to get a $25 bonus for opening an account with $250 or more. Comment on this post writing out your email address (i.e. john doe at comcast dot net) and I'll send you a referral email. You can get a $25 bonus, and I can get $10!


  1. If you want to eliminate the holding on deposits, set the account up on your main banks online banking as an exterior account. I do not set it up with full access just the ability to deposit. I just don't want any bank to know where all my money is. :-)

    Anyway, if you transfer from your main bank it is available the day it goes in. Just something to keep in mind.

  2. Great idea! I never thought about that...but of course I probably linked my main checking to ING long before I ever signed up for online banking. :) I'm a true creature of habit.

  3. It may seem unsatisfying to throw a medium-sized chunk of money at a large-sized credit card balance (I know all about it) but just think: That Chase #2 should be under the $3,000 balance soon, if it isn't already! Celebrate the day you see the left-most digit roll from 3 to 2.