Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebrating Small Milestones - Chase Card #2 - Jan '10

Thanks to the $121 bonus from ING and using $179 of the gift card from my HELOC fixed rate lock-in, the balance on this card dropped below the $3K mark! And the total credit card debt has fallen just under $14K !!!

I'll take these little celebrations any time I can get them. They're good for keeping up the motivation when the road to paying off my past seems so long and never-ending.

Life is continuing on a busier, faster pace than I really enjoy. I promise to catch up with my bloggy friends over the next few days! Hope you're staying warm.


  1. Every milestone has value! Motivational value to prod us to the next one. Pat yourself on the back and get ready for the place under $13k!

  2. Hey, didn't I tell you, only on Jan. 17th, that this balance would be below $3,000 very soon?

    Congratulations! Enjoy looking at the smaller figure that starts with a 2.

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